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      A couple of weeks ago I was approached to write a book review.  I am quite honored by this opportunity, and deeply humbled as well.

     The title of the book is Love, Payer and Forgiveness:  When Basics Become Heresies by Michael C. Snow.  Michael is a Christian author who has been published in Good News, Quaker Life, Evangelical Friend and Moody Monthly.  He is a graduate of the University of South Dakota and M. Div., Earlham.  Michael is also a 5th generation farmer.

     First, I want to tell you that I really like this book.  It is packed with sound Scriptural insight.  It is not politically correct (which I find refreshing).  It is convicting (which we all need).  And, it is instructive.  Mr. Snow uses humor, analogy and serious, straight forward speech to express the importance of obeying God.  By shining a bright light on the common conjunction ‘and’ , and the significance of its meaning, Mr. Snow shows the importance of applying all of the tenets of Christianity.  A couple of the chapter titles are Love and Obedience and Prayer and Exhortation.  In order to get the whole of the matter, you must put the two together.

     The subtitle of the book, When Basics Become Heresies, is what drew me to read it.  In our culture we have put too much emphasis on ‘tolerance’ and we do not want to offend anyone with our religious views.  Heresy in the church is nothing new.  False doctrines and preachers who bend the truth to suit a certain audience are nothing new.  Heresy exists.  We as Christians must seek Scriptural Truth for our own lives and for the survival of the church.  It begins with the individual.  We recognize the problems and then we take the necessary steps to fix them.  Michael C. Snow has written a great book that will open the reader’s heart and draw him to Scripture.

     We Christians have the greatest blessing and privilege to openly worship God.  God expects us to obey Him.  Allowing heresy into our lives and letting it grow is dangerous.  This book is a great, thought-provoking, motivation to get us to grasp God’s Truth, and share it.  I highly recommend Love, Prayer and Forgiveness: When Basics Become Heresies to everyone.  God bless and happy reading.

This book is available on  You can find a direct link to it on Michael’s blog.


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7 Responses to Book Review

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  2. TC Avey says:

    So glad you recommended this book, it’s one I will check out! I feel God leading me to reading books on this topic right now, I think He is trying to warn His people, trying to warn America. At least that is what He is speaking to me.

    • Susan says:

      TC, you are so right! I think He is trying to get us back on the right, narrow path. This book is great! Reading is learning; learning is growing; growing is to be sanctified. If you read it, let me know what you think.

  3. Dan Black says:

    Looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for taking the time to read and share.

  4. When basics become heresies – huh, that sounds pretty intriguing and convicting.

    • Susan says:

      Hey Loren! How’s life? Yes it is convicting, but in a really good way. Conviction lead to confession; confession leads to repentance; repentance leads to growth! If you read it, let me know what you think.

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